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Glad to have you as part of our ADIN family. Below are general guidelines for our members.

Corporate Goals:
Our goal is to create a trade hub in 0.0 in space controlled by us(ADIN), and foster commerce and free trade for all that is willing. This includes the sale and trade of capitol ships, as well as smaller and more commonly traded items. This goal is a very large one, and cannot be done lightly, and will take work and dedication by a large group of people. We work hard to achieve this goal not off of the backs of our members, but working with them, by allowing both of us to grow together. We may not grow as fast as some other organizations that take more from their members, but we feel that personal growth is also important. We strive to make your time in ADIN fun and rewarding, and we welcome your feedback.

General Conduct:
You must think of your actions, and how they will affect the reputation of ADIN. We do not allow our members to work against the corporate interests, this a broad rule, as there is no way to state every possible action that could cause this, rest assured if you do break this rule, you will receive a warning first. We do not allow piracy, can or wreck thieving, or other actions that would hurt our reputation with the EVE community as a whole. We are an industrial corp. and need to keep good standings with other corps and alliances so they will buy our products. You are not allowed to speak on behalf of ADIN, to other parties, unless specifically granted that privilege by the board of directors. Some information is deemed classified to outside parties that you may be privileged to, If, you are unsure what information you can give out, please ask your manager. You must respect the chain of command and follow directives and rules set by ADIN management, as a corporation only gets somewhere by being an organized and efficient team.

Handling of assigned duties:
You will be assigned to an operations headquarters and a manager in charge depending on what goals you have chosen to work towards. Whether it is mining, combat, missions, exploration etc... At this station you will be given permissions to the supply hanger. This hanger is filled with donated items from corporation members. Only take an item if you can use it directly, these items are not for reprocessing or resale. Take anything you need and feel free to donate items you donít need that others could use. These hangers have limited supplies because of players joining corps just to steal from them. If you need any items let us know and we can look in other hangers you donít have access to. You will need to spend 50% of your online time handling your assigned task(s) for ADIN. The other 50% of the time you may work to bring in income for yourself. You are paid for the time spent handling your task, in general, the corp. retains 30% of the earnings from any given operation and returns the rest to the members in a form of wages. After you are in the corp go to eve-mail. You will see a corp tab. This tab sends an eve-mail to all corp members. We ask that you donít send a mail to this list, as there are other for personal use. This mailing list is for management to communicate with you. We do not want our members spammed with mail. We have had past members send eve-mails about who to vote for President. Geesh!! Feel free to plan a mining op or mission night etc and to include all info and give members enough notice. Please send an eve-mail to us and ask us to ok it and send it out in corp mail. NEVER reply to a corp mail as it goes to all corp members too. Instead go to inbox and write to the person who sent the mail if you have questions. Add ADIN to your address book going to your eve-mail inbox and right click on it.  Click on settings then, add ĎAstrodynamic Innovationsí to the allowed list. You may also change the spam settings to allowed, instead of the  following steps. If you enjoy being in our corp. please invite your friends and other players that you meet on your journey through EVE. If you feel we would be a good fit for each other, just eve-mail Alondra their name and any info you may have about them. We are always working to make new positions we feel will produce more fun for our members and help ADIN and her members out with her goals. If there is something you would like to do, that is not listed, feel free to come and talk with me. I also Omitted some things, like POS team, as those are not duties, but Operations, and most of those have, albeit specialized, the duties listed above in one form or another.

Security minimums on this list below correlate to the below list:
New members start out at Rank 0 (probationary); and are moved to Rank 1 after 14 days of general activity automatically.
Rank 1 is when you are a Trainee in your operation
Rank 2 is Full Member or Rank 2 specialist; generally granted after 30 active days of full member.
Rank 3 is Veteran Member or Rank 3 Specialist; generally offered around 6 months active in corp.
Permissions are not all uniform, even if they are the same rank.
Here is a list of some of our current positions:

Miner/Hauler- These are pretty obvious, it is where most of our members start, however, so it requires no security level with the company. It is most likely the most needed position in any corp. in EVE. Minerals are the backbone of manufacturing without them; the other goals don't get done. While this is a starting profession, it is still an important one.

Mission runner- This position may not seem like it directly effects ADIN any; however, it does. It creates Tax revenue for us, and brings in much needed faction to our pilots and ADIN. This position also requires no security level with the company.

Combat Pilot- This is the first tier of our Security force. The basic PVP pilot; your tasks here may vary widely, still it is a needed profession, many would argue that it is the point of EVE . This position requires a first rank security status.

Trader- Trader's duties are to sell items for the corporation (and sometimes buy). Traders do the legwork on finding new markets to move our goods, and find the best profit margin. You will need solid Trade and the ability to fly an industrial or higher in skills. This Position requires a Third Rank security status.

Explorer- This Position finds the exploration sites for us, which provides mining and combat sites; and loot that can only be found at these sites. You will need Astrometrics @ 4, and Astrometric Triangulation, Signal Acquisition and Astrometric Pinpointing to 3 for skills, you will also need a First Rank security with ADIN.

Refiner- You refine ore and scrapmetal for the corporation. You need to have the skills for 0% waste for what you are refining, and faction of 6.7 with the NPC Corporation that owns the station you refine in. This position requires a Second rank security with ADIN.

Manufacturer- This position is also pretty straightforward. It can deal with many different types of manufacturing so the skills vary. You would need a third security rank.

Lab Assistant- This position closely mirrors the manufacturer, however it works with blueprint research, copying and invention. skills here also vary widely, and it would depend on what you were wanting to do. This position also requires a third security rank.

Lastly, Many Management positions are open; while these are generally handpicked, If you would like to try your hand at management, come talk with me (Mark Maldren).

Chain of Command:
The chain of command starts with the operation manager. If you have a problem, question, suggestion or idea, you should seek him out. If you are unable to reach your manager, the next in line is the regional manager, followed by the Divisional director, and then the Director of Operations, and lastly the CEO. If a conflict arises from decisions set forth by two management positions, the highest position takes precedent. We work the keep communication lines open to prevent this from happening as much as possible. If the managers are the same rank, then the most direct manager would take precedence. There will be times where a specific person is placed in charge of an operation or task, who is not part of management. This person commands as a manager, and should be respected as such, unless his command contradicts already established rules.

Alliance commanders:
There will be times when ADIN is in an alliance, and they will have directors and commanders. We will work with the alliance that rules are not in conflict. The commanders and commands of the alliance are to be followed like ADIN management, unless the command conflicts with ADIN Policy.

Current Directors and Officers:
Mark Maldren, CEO Chief Executive Officer alt is Krey Preston

Aggression Policy:
Our Aggression Policy is NRDS (Not Red Donít Shoot) We donít shoot first but we will fight to defend our members and property. Red means a red minus on their name, not flashing red. This is only regarding aggression. If someone has stolen from, or taken an aggressive stance against our pilots, this is considered aggression by the other party and you are authorized to defend the corporation. War targets (denoted by a red star, are always hostile and can be attacked). We have no rule forbidding podding (the destruction of a pod), from any legitimate target. Note: Criminal flags do not grant the right to pod someone, and Concord will intervene in high sec. Theft may also be sanctioned (such as ore thieving) against a negative standing corp. or a war target. This is not automatic however, so unless you have been authorized to do so, please refrain from these acts. You are not allowed to personally set a standing below -4.9. as this will mark them red to you, and can cause confusion later. An orange dash may be set by you or the corp. these people are NOT clear to attack. This standing is used as a warning to our pilots to watch out for these pilots. You may set anyone that does not have a positive standing with ADIN (Blue + or Blue Star) to this mark personally as well, by lowering their standings as low as -4.9. Flashing red targets mean that the system has granted you legal action to attack the target. This can be due to a low security standing or other action that has given them a global criminal flag, an aggressive action that has marked them as a criminal to ADIN, or a war target. While flashing red gives you a legal right to attack the target, you are not allowed to attack simply because they have a global criminal flag.

Chat Conduct:
When you log into EVE please say hello in corp chat so we will see you are there and say goodbye when you leave. As other corp members log into the game please give them a warm welcome. We are a very friendly corp and like to give our corp family a warm fuzzy feeling as they come to play and relax during their game time. Do not ask any players for material aid. Our corp members are very generous but let them choose to help you. Let your needs be known by saying something like... ĒI am looking for (item) if anyone sees it for sale cheap or sees it in the supply hangers let me know.Ē Then leave it to the corp members to come to your aid. No one likes beggars. Please help corp members when you can also. Pay it Forward! Corp chat is a non cursing chat channel. We want this chat to be family oriented so those that want their children to watch as they play EVE wonít have to worry about offensive language in chat. For this reason we have created an anything goes chat channel called Alondraís Lounge. This naughty channel allows cursing, especially when your ship gets blown up and you need to vent, dirty jokes and adult conversation. This channel is private and you will need an invite to join it so make sure you donít click off and close it. You also must be 18 yrs or older. If you want an invite to this channel please ask a Director to invite you. Remember, EVE talk in corp. channel please, because not all corp. members use the Lounge chat channel. ADIN has some mailing lists for corporation use.

Mining-ADIN: This is for setting up mining operations, and other general mining announcements.

Member Announcements-ADIN: This is for general announcements you would like to make to the corp, as corp chat is reserved for ADIN Management.

ADIN-MRAC: this channel is for the mission and combat team to plan events, and to set up combat and mission teams. To set up a mailing list, go to channels and mailing lists, mailing lists channel and click the join button, type in the name as it appears (some channel names for other corps are very close). Now you can go to your mail and read these announcements or make your own under the appropriate topic.

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